Ideas for final project

            General rain is not appreciated by most people because it creates inconvenience and an uncomfortable wetness. Sometimes not even an umbrella is sufficient enough to stop rain which creates this an uncomfortable cold feeling. In a way, wearing a rain jacket is much more convenient than holding up an umbrella; moreover, another benefit of wearing a rain jacket is that you have more mobility with your arms. Unfortunately rain jackets are not as common as umbrellas during a rainy day and some of the reasons behind this is that rain jackets can be unfashionable and messy on the hair. It is often worn only when it is clear that precipitation is occurring. If these areas can be fixed on a rain jacket, then it is very likely that rain jackets can come back into the fashion trend.

Sheila and I would like to design a rain jacket that is both practical and fashionable at the same time. We will aim to create appealing patterns, designs, along with inputs of bright colours so that people can feel good about wearing a rain jacket during rainy days. We believe that this will create a fashion trend where people will look to a rainy day and feel good about what rain jacket they can wear.

Originally, we planed to use hydrochromic inks (creates colour effects when it is exposed to rain) for patterns on the fabric, however, we could not get a hold of it. Unfortunately, the ink is recently invented by the umbrella company called, SquidLondon, and it is against their company policy to sell the ink. So it will be just an idea to use the ink. We would like to structure the hood, so that it won’t leave messy hair after it has been worn. We are working with a barometer pressure sensor that will light up the rain coat through an attached LED when it is raining. The LED light will act as a weather indicator device that will alert people if it is raining or not.

These are our inspirations:



             Forecast Umbrella:


             -The light  changes according to the precipitation


so8weod80p_6a00d83451599c69e20105372249cf970b-800wi-The umbrella with hydrochromic inks







Sheila and Ellie’s lilypad

sheila and ellie’s lilypad


Ellie’s chrysanthemum tumbler














I mixed magenta thermochromic ink and the yellow fabric paint.

Silk screen + Embroidery

Ellie’s black thermochromic ink experimentation.


DIVA 302

Thermochromic ink experimentation board


Thermochromic ink experimentation

20090202225746_221828862For the other dyes, I had to heat set it to make it permanent.

I was not sure if the thermochromic ink needed the same method as the other dyes.

Since the  thermochromatic ink is already heat sensitive, I could not figure it out.

I asked Suzi and she wanted me to experiment and find the answer.

So, I machine washed number 1 and 2 as shown.

Only number 2 was done with iron set.

They both did not bleed or anything but faded a little bit.

Since I don’t really see the diffrence between 1 and 2, I guess heat setting is not needed.

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